Archives 2010-19

C50 tape and digital.
Music by Mount Fog.
Featuring Hampus Grunewald (guitar on A2) and Massimiliano Salina (drums on A4, A6). Tracks A1 and A4 were previously part of the exhibition Järnspökenas Nedgång.

Recorded and mixed 2010-2019 by Mount Fog.
Mastered by Viktor Ottosson.
Cover painting & design by Viktoriia Shcherbak.
Dubbed at Tapedub, Berlin.
Released by Die Brücke in October 2019.

“At times bright, mellow and hopeful, at others dark, dissonant and brooding, 'Archives 2010–19' is a sound-world produced by a marriage of abstract, concrete sounds on the one hand and, on the other, a wealth of acoustic instruments, including guitars, organs, accordion, flute, piano, drums and synthesisers.”

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