C30 tape and digital.

Composed, played and recorded by Nicola Domaneschi, Marco Verdi and Erich Grunewald using acoustic instruments, objects and synthesizers.
Mastered by Francesco Brini (Spectrum Mastering).
Mixed by Marco Verdi.
Artwork by Nicola Domaneschi.
Layout design and lettering by Pallido Fango.
Art direction: Mount Fog.
Released by Tocca il Futuro in May 2023.
Limited edition of 50.

A special 'artist edition' features the original relief engraving Torre Nolare, Abbazia di Chiaravalle by Pietro Brocchetta, hand-printed with an etching press in the artist's studio in Pavia, 2023. Size 13 x 21 cm (sheet) 5.5 x 8.5cm (plate). Edition of 8 on 270 gsm Hahnemühle etching paper, black ink on white. Edition of 8 on 300 gsm black paper, black ink on black. All signed and numbered.

“Fantasma is about a hidden structure and its ghost floating into a realm of strange harmonic overtone meditations.”

Fantasma was conceived by Mount Fog for the sound installation CHIARA • dispositivo di ascolto a distanza, a site-specific art project curated by Standards, held in September 2021 around the ancient Chiaravalle Abbey in Milan. The idea behind the intervention was to use the iconic lantern tower of the abbey as a “listening device”, through a specially developed sound diffusion system. As an environmental work, the installation could be freely experienced in the surroundings of the monastery, fading away through the village of Chiaravalle until a distance of about 200 meters. By looking for a sort of repetitiveness and ritual within sound, and by triggering unexpected listening practices, the project attempted to interpret the identity of the bell tower as a soundmark of the territory.

CHIARA was developed from an idea by Terzo Paesaggio, with Federgat. Curated by Standards. Technical design by Concrete Acoustics. The artists who took part in the project are Nicola Ratti, Andrew Pekler, Attila Faravelli, Ellen Arkbro, Jessica Ekomane, Marta De Pascalis, Mount Fog.

A special thanks to Nicola Ratti and Enrico Gilardi.