We Know Nothing

8" Lathe Cut.
Limited edition of 100 copies with original artwork, handmade and numbered.
Music by Mount Fog with Oscar Palou (double flute) and Riccardo Canta (saxophone).

Recorded and mixed by Mount Fog in 2013/2016.
Mastered by Viktor Ottosson.
Design by Mount Fog & NoMoire.
Released by Hustle Productions in October 2017.

“Imagine a walk like any other, well, Mount Fog’s is not quite like that. Sounds of household objects, spasms, a run towards the outside and breaths that remind horns from a loud metropolis, the never ending run to reach the breath of nature, the vibrations of the woods, the rustling of the leaves caressed by the wind in a conurbation polluted by light.” (N.C.)